We welcome our new media volunteer Bethan

It is my first day as a volunteer for CAFOD, South Wales and I look forward to this journey and the opportunities it brings!

My name is Bethan Fry, I am a 20-year-old student, originally from Pontypool. I’m in my second year at the University of South Wales working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. As someone who is very passionate about campaigning and influencing others, I’m hoping that my time at CAFOD will give me the experience and platform to raise awareness for global issues and put me on the right track to making a change.

In my spare time, I enjoy blogging, reading and actively getting involved with campaigns and petitions. I use my social media to make my voice heard and as a millennial, I know that this is the way to reach most of my generation. This is also an area that I hope to develop more experience in while volunteering at CAFOD.

My decision to get involved with CAFOD was both influenced by my degree and my past involvement with the charity. From a young age I was part of a school & community that supported CAFOD and helped to spread awareness on a variety of issues. In my 5-years at St. Albans R.C High School, I took part in many fundraising events for CAFOD which gave me the basic understanding of the charity and the type of work they took part in overseas as well as here in the UK.

When it then came to organising a work placement as part of my degree, I knew the type of work I wanted to do and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to work alongside the dedicated volunteers at CAFOD. I would like to incorporate my volunteering and campaigning into my future career as a Journalist and continue with work like this for as long as I can.

I hope that my time at CAFOD gives me a deeper insight into the amazing work they do worldwide and the lives that they change.

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