Schools giving it up to transform lives

Yr 4 from St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School in Swansea presenting the Give It Up assembly to the whole school!

Pupils from across the Archdiocese of Cardiff (including Menevia & Herefordshire) have given up some of their favourite things this Lent to help communities around the world who have been affected by climate change, as part of this year’s Give It Up Lent fundraising campaign.

In assemblies presented by our wonderful school volunteer team, children heard about the challenges that Mahinur and her family in Bangladesh are facing.

Mahinur lives by a river with her husband Khalek and 12-year-old son Rabiul, who both have disabilities. She relies on fishing in the river to support her family, but last year it dried up and all the fish died.

The fish have not returned. Some days the family just drink water for dinner. This is not right. God has given enough resources on this planet for everyone.

No one should go hungry.  So how how to inspire children to recognise need and to be motivated to help?

The idea is a simple one:  choose something, give it up and donate the money saved to CAFOD.

The money raised by the pupils in our Catholic schools will help to ensure that CAFOD can support more people like Mahinur in Bangladesh.

Drought, floods and storms are having a devastating impact on her life.

CAFOD’s local representative in South Wales, Therese Warwick, said: “The give it up campaign is such a great way of bringing people together and raising an incredible amount to help others.”

“We’d like to send a huge thank you and well done to the pupils at all our participating schools for their impressive efforts this Lent.

The money you have raised will go a long way in helping people like Mahinur.”

We’d like to say a special thank you to pupils at St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary school in Swansea because Year 4 presented the Give It Up Assembly to the whole school.  Amazing!


Not only that but Right’s Respecting Ambassadors provided refreshments at a recent parents’ evening – with all the monies raised from the teas and coffees going to CAFOD.  What wonderful role models these young people are.

Thank you!


Here’s how you can still take part – watch this short film!

Can you help to raise awareness of the challenges faced by some of the world’s more vulnerable communities?  Why not join our team of volunteers who visit schools across the Archdiocese?

Full training is given and we run ongoing refresher/briefing days with any new resources provided and fully explained.  You can be involved as little or as much as you wish.

Here’s what some of our amazing volunteers say about about living out their faith through supporting CAFOD’s work.

Learn more here or get in touch with Therese or Kieran in the local CAFOD volunteer Centre or call (02920 344 882)


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