Patricia invites you on a journey to care for your planet

Below is an inspiring story about Patricia, a volunteer in Southwark, who is helping the whole diocese to LiveSimply.

Could you spare some time to volunteer here in South Wales?

Contact Therese Warwick on: / 02920344882
to find out more.

CAFOD Southwark Blog

Do you want to celebrate how you care for creation, and be inspired to go further? Volunteer Patricia is on hand to help you and your community to “Live Simply so that others can simply live”. 

Who is Patricia?

Live SImply Is your community working towards a Livesimply Award?

Patricia is a religious sister of charity. She recently started volunteering at the CAFOD office in Southwark to help with the livesimply award because she believes the way we live is unsustainable.

She says “it is enriching to help make our planet a safer, better place to live. It feeds my soul to be part of anything that nourishes the planet, to help it be a beautiful, productive place for all creatures (big and small!)”

Read our LiveSimply Guide and help your community to stand in solidarity with those in poverty 

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