Harvest Fast Day meetings

With just six weeks to go until Harvest Fast day  (Friday 4 October) – we are holding planning meetings around the diocese.   These informal “briefings” are for all parish volunteers and interested supporters who want to find about more about what we can all do to change lives, working in partnership with CAFOD.  There will be information on the appeal, research on how your commitment to Speaking at Mass for CAFOD really makes a difference and feedback on how and where your generous donations at Lent have been used and the impact they are having.

Family Fast Day happens twice a year.  When Fast Day first took place, many families saw it as an opportunity to practice giving something up for the sake of others.

“Millions of people in the world are hungry and they are largely hungry because the good fruits of the earth are enjoyed by too few – and we are among the few. There is enough food for all – if only it could be fairly shared.”

(this is quoted from the very first leaflet in 1961)

Many people in England and Wales had known hardship and poverty themselves and had sympathy for those who were struggling to survive.  This recognition that we are all one global family is truly humbling and in those early days the message was quite clear.

This spirit is still at the heart of CAFOD’s work; a genuine solidarity with those who do not have their fair share; compassion for those in need; gratitude for the gifts God has given us; and a sense of relief that we can do something to help those who, one a one-to-one basis, we would never be able to reach.

At Harvest and at Lent you are invited to have a more frugal meal than normal – such as bread and cheese or soup – and donate the money you have saved to help our brothers and sisters in need.  Whether it’s organising a soup lunch or fundraising event in your parish, giving the short talk at Mass or spreading the word about Family Fast Day in your parish community, there is a lot you can do to help.

Briefing dates will be updated regularly – so please do check back here and let us know if you can join us.  Feel free to bring a friend too. It’s always more fun to work in pairs!

This year’s Harvest appeal tells the story of Fabiano:

Fabiano is 14 years old and his life in Uganda was transformed when our local engineers installed a solar powered pump in his village.

Before the pump, Fabiano travelled miles away from home to fetch his family water. In order to make it back in time for school, he often travelled in the dark. Once, Fabiano was brutally attacked for his water. Fleeing for his life, he was forced to abandon his water can.

The pump allows Fabiano to gather water safely. Unfortunately, there are still children risking their safety – and education – in order to access the water they need.

Help us reach them by coming to find out how you can help and encourage others to support Fast Day by eating simply on Friday 4 October and donating the money that is saved.

Monday 9 September – St Joseph’s, New Zealand Road, Cathays, Cardiff CF14 3BR – Time tbc

Friday 13 September – The Priory Church of Our Lady & St Michael, 10 Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny, NP7 5U – after the 10 am Mass.

Saturday 21 September – All Saints Pastoral Area, Stow Hill, Newport NP20 1TP – time tbc

Sunday 22 September – St David’s Priory, St David’s Place, Swansea SA1 3NG – after 11 am Creation Mass.

Sunday 6 October, St Joseph’s Church, Hillside Lane, Neath SA11 1TG  – After 10.30 am Mass.

Dates to be confirmed:
Holyrood & St Teilo, St Florence Parade, Tenby SA70 7DT Time tbc also

Other confirmed meetings: 

Saturday 19 October – St David’s College, Ty-Gwyn Rd, Cardiff CF23 5QD – One day conference to include presentation on LiveSimply initiatives.

Friday 8 November – Holy Name, Vergam Terrace, Fishguard SA65 9DF – after the 10 am Mass.

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