Student climate strikes in Cardiff

you'll die of old age, I'll die of climate change - bridge largeRecently, there were student climate strikes across the UK to ask the government to take climate action. Here, we have a report on the Climate strikes in Cardiff, written by a CAFOD supporter, who attended the march.

On Friday 20th September, over a thousand young people gathered outside Cardiff castle to urge the government to take urgent action to tackle climate change. The sight was amazing.

save the world.jpgAn unusually hot day, young people from across South Wales travelled to the capital to stand in solidarity at the #GlobalClimateStrike.

Sasha, who was originally from South Africa, said she attended the strike because: “There are so many issues, and there is nothing happening.

“To get somewhere we need to make radical changes – like improving public transport – empowering people to make changes in their lives.”

After gathering outside the castle, with bright banners and whistles, the large group made the journey to City Hall, attracting a lot of attention from people in the town centre.

dont be a dippy cont go extinct.jpgLocal pupils Beatrice, Rachel, Isabel and Gemma said: “We are striking to help. To let people know that we care and that we want a change.”

Outside City Hall, there were speakers including young people who had come to the march – they explained to the crowds why they wanted to speak out and raise their voices.

Ellie and Rosie, from Cardiff, said: “We feel like by attending this march we are doing something to help. In twenty years, when our children ask us what we did – we want to be able to say that we came out and protested.”

Outside city hall.jpgIn the middle of the crowd, there was a massive working clock and at 1 pm alarm bells rang out to mark how the climate is running out of time.

Local pupils Marissa, Olivia, Caitlin, Maddie and Tara, said: “It feels like no one is doing anything – we are only 16, so politically we are too young to vote – but this is our way of showing the people in power that we want a change.”

The crowd then began the walk to the Senedd – The National Assembly for Wales – where hundreds of students came together to celebrate the climate march.

This march was an opportunity for young people to show that not only do they care about the environment, but that they are demanding change.


Note: we at CAFOD recognise the daily pressures faced by schools as well as the safeguarding concerns which may mean schools can’t approve strike action.

If you want to support your pupils to take action on the climate crisis within your school or local community, we have a range of resources for primary and secondary schools to get clued up on climate change and everybody can play their part by writing to their MP and letting them know that they want to see action on climate change.


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