One World Week

one world week

From the 20 to 27 October 2019, it is One World Week. Here, CAFOD volunteer Katie Alstead explains what the theme is for this year, and how you can get involved.   

What is One World Week?

One World Week will be uniting charities and communities across the country to tackle one of our Earth’s most pressing concerns: climate change.

Find out about the ways you can get involved

At CAFOD, we’re working together with One World Week in our continued campaign for a more sustainable, fairer future.

Why is it important to get involved?

children with globes st helems.JPGAs Catholics and citizens of the world, we have a responsibility to care and protect God’s earth.

Some of the most vulnerable and poorest communities are already experiencing the devastating effects of climate change as flooding and droughts shake their fragile means of supporting themselves.

Climate change is only growing worse and without serious action, it will be irreversible.

What have CAFOD supporters been doing so far?

you'll die of old age, I'll die of climate change - bridge largeOver the past five years, CAFOD supporters have made inspiring changes to preventing climate change. Last June, we joined Climate Coalition’s peaceful marches.

Learn how you can join the campaign

As part of 12,000 protesters walking the streets of Westminster, we got a staggering 350 MPs out to meet their constituencies and further the action needed for climate change and environmental protection.

How can I get involved?

During One World Week, you can join thousands of others in the Climate Changes Everything week with CAFOD’s campaign, Our Common Home.

st-david-2.pngOur Common Home is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness that we all share one earth, one home. When we unite globally, we’re unstoppable and that’s why we’re asking you to connect with your local parish to help combat climate change together.

You can ask your church to hold a Creation Celebration, and test out some budget (and animal)-friendly recipes in the kitchen.

You can get clued up on the climate with our quiz, or write to your local MP. If you want some extra guidance, we have a MP letter template.

If you’re feeling creative, why not become a Zero Hero fighting for zero net emissions world-wide and check out all the ways you can do it? Remember, if you do get involved with the campaign, make sure to use #ForOurCommonHome on social media.

Together, we can make a difference. Through giving, prayer, and acting, we will fight against climate change.

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