This Valentine’s Day wear a green heart!

SHOW THE LOVE – 5 – 29 February 2020

Every year on Valentine’s Day, our colleagues at the Climate Coalition discuss love and climate change.

And every year CAFOD joins the Show the Love campaign to start conversations about how some of the things that we love the most are affected by a rapidly changing climate.  Many of us wear a green heart to start a conversation about the climate crisis.  Will you join us to show that taking action on climate change is a top priority?

In the past year we have seen for ourselves the impacts of climate change here in the UK – some of us on our own doorstep.  Record breaking temperatures in February and a heatwave in July, torrential downpours that caused flash flooding, declining numbers of wildlife in our local green spaces…

Two-thirds of people of British people say they want to do more to tackle climate change – but don’t know where to start. So share your story about what you want to protect from being destroyed by climate change #SHOWTHELOVE

Climate change impacts every aspect of our lives but can be seen as something that is happening far away.

You can motivate your friends, your parish, your school, your neighbours, your family to take action by highlighting the effects on your local community.

Talk about the positive impact of everyone using their voice.

The solutions are at our fingertips 

Public concern about climate change is at an all time high and the UK has a legally binding target to stop our contribution to climate change and create a cleaner, greener future. But now we need to put in place the systems and solutions that can get us on the right track.

In November this year, the UK is hosting COP26 – a major global climate summit – in Glasgow.  It’s our opportunity to lead the world into a cleaner, greener future, but first we need to invest in the solutions to the climate crisis at home.  The eyes of the world will be upon us.

We have newly elected MPs or Assembly members and it is a great time to hear from you about the climate emergency.  It’s recess next week.  Why not send them a green heart to welcome them (back) and ask them to commit to action on climate change before COP26.

Give examples of what changes you are making or would like to make in your own life.

Farmers near the Andean village of Chilavi, Bolivia. A changing climate has contributed to increasing water scarcity in the region.

From switching to renewable energy in our homes, school, businesses, to buying only what we need, to wasting less food, to taking public transport or walking or cycling more; there are simple things that we can all do to reduce our contribution to climate change and talking about it helps.

Think about what powers your home: – energy efficient appliances, renewable energy, insulate your home so it loses less heat.  Read the report “Home Truths” on how climate change is affecting our homes.

Think about how you get around – commit to walking or cycling instead of driving, make your next car electric, or use public transport more

Think about what’s on your plate – commit to cooking one more plant-based meal every week; buy more seasonal, local fruit and vegetable and reducing the food you throw away.

Think about how you look after nature – commit to planting a tree or wildflower area in your garden to capture carbon, buy peat free compost.

Take a pledge for the planet!

Make and wear a green heart this Valentine’s Day and start a conversation about climate change.  #SHOWTHELOVE because beautiful things are possible when we work together.

Don’t forget to write to your Assembly Member or MP and ask them to do their bit too.

Download the action pack today!  Download the poster.

The Climate Coalition: over 100 organisations. 22 million strong. We are the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change.


CAFOD in Wales is part of Stop Climate Chaos Cymru – a coalition of 14 influential organisations in Wales, who work together to mobilise our supporters and others across Wales, to bring about changes to help tackle climate change.

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