Action for #GGC14

head_take_actionTo help prepare for the day, we are asking all those who are attending to engage in 1 social media activity leading up to the event on the 27 June. This is to get you all warmed up, and help connect all those who will be attending.

We are inviting you all to take a picture with the ‘I am going to…’ poster here: Conference_pre_engagement_device, fill out and share on a social media platform. So have a think about what you hope to gain from the conference and share with your friends and with CAFOD South Wales.

When we receive them we will retweet and share as soon as we can. And on the day of the conference we will showcase the best, with a prize going to the most creative picture. So make sure you get them in to us before the conference starts!

Step 1.

Print off and fill out this poster with a reason why you want to go to the conference. Examples include:

I am going to…
unlock my potential
or: tackle global injustice
or: become a leader
…at the great generation conference

photo 2
Step 2

Take a picture of you with the card. Think creative: the more creative the picture, the more likely people will want to share.

This picture may be a group photo, an arty photo, smiley individual shot… whatever works for you.

photo 1

Step 3
Upload your picture to one of the following platforms and share using the tags as below:

Twitter (use @cafodsouthwales and #GGC14)
Facebook (like and tag cafodsouthwales on the picture, also use #GGC14)
Vine (use @cafodsouthwales and #GGC14)
Instagram (use @cafodsouthwales and #GGC14)

Step 4
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out what everyone else is doing across Wales.

Happy snapping.

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