Great Communicator Action

head_great_communicatorMake sure, that whatever do, the wider community hears about it. Local press love to hear stories about young people taking action. Even better, they love to see great pictures of young people taking action!

1_1_gg So were you inspired by the great generation conference? Will you go out and do something as a result? Then why not write a short story and share this with your local paper? It really is quite simple. First of all download a press template here. Fill in the blanks and send it off to your local paper. If you’re not sure who to send to then contact us and we can help you with those details. Simples!

Oh, and also remember, that the press love a good picture, especially a photo that helps to tell your story.

2_ggOr why not write a short blog to go on this website, just like Olivia wrote for us. Also remember to send us a picture to go along with the article.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Remember you can pop over to our resource page to refresh yourself with what you learnt during the workshops at the conference here.

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