Harvest Fast Day 2014

head_HFD14With Harvest Fast day on Friday the 3 October, now is the chance to look at the materials we will be using to support the Fast Day and how you can get involved.

We have a range of materials available for you in the lead up to Harvest Fast Day below.  we will be running supporter days for parish contacts and volunteers across the two dioceses.

All of our Parish Contacts should now have received their Parish Contact pack in the post.  In the pack there is an outline of what to do and when, as well as a poster.  Also all parishes should now have received their envelopes which should be given out on the weekend of the 27/28 September.

This year’s resources

th_place_tableYou can download a copy of the Harvest 2014 Poster.*

A Welsh version of the poster can be downloaded here – HFD14_Welsh_Poster

And the Welsh thank you poster can be downloaded here – HFD_Thankyou_Welsh_Poster

(Please note: we are more than happy to print these Welsh posters off for you in full colour and send through. Please contact us in the CAFOD South Wales office to order)

A can also download a copy of the short talk to be read out at the end of Mass on the weekend of 27/28 Sept or 4/5 October – HFD 14 Short Talk

Also our guide on how to run a CAFOD Fast Day in your parish is available for you to download here HFD14 How To Booklet *

*printed copies are available in the Harvest Fast Day packs sent to all parish contacts.

Fundraising in Menevia Diocese

There are restrictions on all second collections in the diocese of Menevia, which will affect CAFOD’s second collection. You can read about fundraising in Menevia here. For Harvest collections, the collection date has been allocated by Bishop Tom to 18th and 19th October. The money will also be split pro rata with APF Missionaries.

Please note: Any money given to CAFOD in the second collection in a CAFOD envelope cannot be split pro-rata, all of this should go directly to CAFOD. This is to ensure compliance with charity law. Only money that is ‘loose’ in the collection can be split. Therefore please ensure you encourage those who want to give to put any donation in a CAFOD envelope. You can order additional envelopes here.


If you need to order any additional resources for Fast Day you can pop over to our new shop to make your order for anything from prayer cards to extra envelopes.



One of our biggest needs at the moment is for speakers to read out the Harvest Fast Day appeal letter at the end of Mass.  This small, but important task makes a huge difference to our work, and helps to communicate what difference CAFOD is doing around the world with your wonderful support.  We have a list of parishes that currently have no-one assigned to read out the appeal letter.

We would be extremely grateful if you could look through the list and if there is parish that you think you would be happy to visit on the weekend of 27/28 September, or if you know someone in the parish that you think might be happy to help out then please get in contact with us so that we can arrange.

To view the list of parishes in the Cardiff diocese please click here >>

To view the list of parishes in the Menevia diocese please click here >>

We are extremely grateful of your support and the huge difference you make to our work.  Please do get in contact if there is anything you want to talk through, or if something needs clarification.

>> If you are a CAFOD parish contact and have completed your Fast Day celebration in your parish, then please do not forget to fill in the evaluation form below:

Harvest Fast Day 2014 Evaluation Form

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