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Watch our short animation to explain how Wales can play its part to end global hunger.  This video is also available in Welsh.

The world produces enough food for everyone, but not everyone has enough food. A child dies of hunger every 15 seconds. In 2013 organisations in Wales have come together to look at how Wales can play its part to help stop this global scandal.

The Welsh Government and National Assembly legislate for most areas of Welsh life.  They can help end global hunger by tackling four big IFs:


These are all big IFs, but they all start with a small IF.  IF you join our campaign we can make IF happen.

Sign up below and join us today to receive further information on how Wales can play its part.

Sign up here to take action on global hunger and join our campaign >>

Find out more about our work with the IF campaign here in Wales:

Click here to watch our video

Take action with CAFOD in your area - click here to find out more!

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