Join us for an online talk about life in El Salvador

Last year, a group of CAFOD volunteers and local representatives went to El Salvador. In this online talk, they will share their incredible experiences.

El Salvador is a country with a turbulent history: Despite the civil war in the country ending in January 1992, poverty, high unemployment and gang violence still make life very difficult, especially for women and young people.

Farming communities are struggling to grow their crops on poor land.

Climate change is causing more extreme weather in El Salvador with floods, droughts and tropical storms becoming more frequent.


CAFOD has worked with local partners and communities in El Salvador since 1974.

We are inspired by Saint Oscar Romero and his insistence on the need for peace, justice, equality and respect for human rights.


In El Salvador, our projects focus on agriculture, promoting a culture of peace and justice, and empowering women.

Please join us on Tuesday 28 July at 11 am-12 noon with the priests and volunteers who visited El Salvador, to learn more about the rich history and our work in the country today.

Register to join us.


Welsh cyclists urge public to join global Coronavirus appeal

Three Welsh cyclists – two of which now work for the NHS – have called on the people of Wales to join the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) Coronavirus Appeal, which is working to help the world’s most vulnerable communities threatened by Covid-19.

In a video message Rachel Draper, a coach at Welsh Cycling and former double World Champion cyclist, was joined by retired cycling husband and wife, Olympian, Ciara Oliva (nee Horne) and Commonwealth champion, Lewis Oliva – who now both work for the NHS – to call for support of the DEC appeal in Wales.

“The Coronavirus pandemic has touched many people in our towns and communities across Wales,” explained Ciara, who was an Olympian at Rio 2016, European Champion, a double World Cup winner and World Championship medallist.

“Sadly, families have lost loved ones. We’ve had to adapt to a new way of doing things, working, shopping, exercising, but perhaps most of all we have missed being able to get together with our closest friends and family.

“But we know from our own experience, here at home, that simple steps, taking simple precautions makes a huge difference.”

Now, a full-time physiotherapist with the NHS, Ciara explained how the appeal shows the dire need in poorest countries around the world.

In countries like Yemen, Syria and Sudan, families who have already had to flee violent conflict, now they face the new threat of coronavirus, without the precautions to protect themselves.

Ciara continued: “In some countries, volunteers use bikes to travel out to very remote communities to give them vital information about to how to prevent infection from Covid-19.  As elite cyclists, we salute their effort, commitment, and determination to get the job done and save lives.

“Here in Wales, we have been told, time and again, how important it is to wash our own hands frequently, to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

“It’s easy for us because we can turn on the tap at home and out comes clean water. So clean, we can drink it. But in many countries around the world, the very thing that is essential for handwashing – clean water – just isn’t available.”

Cyclist Lewis Oliva, who spent six years with British cycling, winning medals at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, World Cup and European and Commonwealth Games, before going onto study medicine at Cardiff University, added:

“We know the charities that make up the DEC have unique expertise and when those charities come together to launch an appeal, things must be serious.

“Charities like CAFOD, a member of the DEC, are already on the ground in places like Syria, doing what they can, but they need our help.

“The need is urgent. But together, we can help families protect themselves with water, soap, handwashing stations and healthcare information.”

Whatever you can give, however small, it will make a huge difference to help us reach and protect the most vulnerable people who have already lost everything.


Donate today.


Pray as one global family

During Laudato Si’ Week, tens of thousands of people have united to learn and prepare for a better tomorrow. Thank you for participating!

But Sunday is our day to slow down.

At noon local time, wherever we are and whatever we’re doing, we’re going to stop and pray as one global Catholic family all over the world.

A wave of prayer for creation will start as the sun reaches its peak in the Pacific, then roll on through Africa and Europe before reaching the Americas.

The global day of prayer will envelope the entire world. That’s the power of this prayerful movement. We face a crisis in love and solidarity because we know that truly, “everything is connected.” Click here to view and download Sunday’s prayer card.

You’re encouraged to connect with others about your time of prayer by using #LaudatoSi5 on social media. You’re also warmly welcomed to join a special online Laudato Si’ Mass to celebrate the day of prayer. Please join us to share this gift of the Spirit.

 Date: Sunday 24 May – 2 pm local (UK) time.

Join here: Register on Zoom here

 Fill your home with God’s love: Pray with us.

P.S. Download Sunday’s prayer card here to join a global wave of prayer, and connect with others by sharing #LaudatoSi5 on social media!

A month into lockdown – thank you for your amazing support!

Despite being nearly a month into lockdown, we are still being blown away by the generosity and support being shown from communities across the UK.

This week, CAFOD’s education team member David Brinn’s son Aidan was recognised in the Daily Mirror’s Community Corner for his act of kindness – delivering eggs to those in need. Well done Aidan!

If you have any heart-warming stories from your community, please make sure to share them with us and join our facebook group so you can keep connected with volunteers around the country.

2.6 challenges – a big thank you! 

Molly Carter completing a fundraising run in London

Despite the coronavirus pandemic causing thousands of fundraising events, including last Sunday’s London Marathon, to be cancelled – this hasn’t been able to stop CAFOD’s amazing supporters.

Last weekend, supporters across the country took part in fun and imaginative 2.6 challenges to fundraise for CAFOD’s work around the world.

“We were overwhelmed by the response from our supporters”, said Jo Kitterick, CAFOD’s Head of Fundraising.

“The generosity of people around the country during this time has been really amazing – so we want to say a massive thank you.”

“We know that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

We are already working with our programme teams around the world to help protect communities who are already extremely vulnerable.

Therese walking for 2.6 hours on Sunday – 8.8 miles….

“The lasting impact of this virus on the livelihoods and health of those who already live on the edge is potentially disastrous and the generosity of people is never more needed

“Thanks to the sustained donations from communities in England and Wales, it will mean that we can continue our vital work to help the poorest and most vulnerable.”

Meet our Head of International Development

 Through this phase of lockdown, it is important that we all stay connected as a community- so here at CAFOD we are hosting a range of online chats to keep you informed and connected during this difficult time.

If you missed our Head of International Development today – Maria Gonzalez – who was speaking about the greatest challenges facing our world right now, how we are responding and what gives her hope for the future.  Then follow the link below to register for the recording:

Eucharistic Celebration

Following the success of the Mass held before Easter, we are delighted to invite you all get involved this week in our live-stream mass – available to all who would like to participate.

The Mass will be taking place on Wednesday 29 April at 6 pm.

We will be bringing together our prayers from and for our communities and partners both across the global South and throughout the UK, into the presence of our loving God. We would be delighted if you could join us.

You can sign up here:

We hope you all have a lovely week and stay safe, and if you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to ring us on: 01989 768708 (working from home) or mobile: 07823 445112 or email



While we cannot gather in person, we can still come together as a community through prayer.

Join CAFOD online for a virtual children’s liturgy of the word.  We will share a Bible reading, song, reflection and prayer.  This Sunday morning at 10.00-10.15 am.

Please register beforehand (updated link). Click here to register

Staying Connected throughout COVID-19

Locally within the Dioceses the following parishes will be live streaming:


Archbishop George Stack will celebrate the liturgy of Holy Week at St Mary of the Angels.

Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lord’s Supper: 7.30 pm

Good Friday, The Liturgy of the Passion: 3 pm

Easter Vigil: 8.30 pm

Easter Sunday:  10 am

Additional parish Masses are listed here:  

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The current coronavirus pandemic means that the way in which we practice our faith in the world will change.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, in his letter to the Catholic Church in England and Wales said that we are to discover new ways in which we are able to sanctify the day:

“Knowing that the Mass is being celebrated; joining in spiritually in that celebration; watching the live-streaming of the Mass; following its prayers at home; making an act of spiritual communion: this is how we share in the Sacrifice of Christ in these days. These are the ways in which we will sanctify Sunday, and indeed every day”.


While we cannot gather in person, we can still come together as a community through prayer.  Join CAFOD online for a virtual children’s liturgy of the word.  We will share a Bible reading, song, reflection and prayer.   This Sunday morning at 10.00-10.15 am.

Please register beforehand. Click here to register.


Archdiocese of Cardiff Masses being streamed as at 20.03.2020

As the world endures the Coronavirus pandemic, the Church finds herself in uncharted waters for our lifetime.   The above page is from the Archdiocese of Cardiff which will endeavour to keep the diocese updated on resources, messages and information to help through a period of no public worship.

Live streamed Mass

There are a number of international resources for viewing the Mass online.

These include:

Eternal Word Television Network – broadcasts daily Mass at 12.00 noon

Shalom World Tv – daily mass at 9.00am & 9.00pm

ChurchServicesTv – livestream from churches around the world



St. David’s Cathedral, Cardiff – stream is located on their homepage.

St. Mary of the Angel’s, Canton – stream is located on their homepage, along with a daily schedule

All Saints Parish, Newport – stream is located on their Facebook channel & homepage, along with a daily schedule

Our Lady & St. Illtyd, Llanwit Major – see website for Mass schedule.  Stream will be via Facebook… click here for stream

Our Lady & St. Michael, Abergavenny – daily audio stream of Mass … click here


POSTPONED as a precaution and in 

response to the current Coronavirus NHS and Archdiocesan guidelines

We are hoping that this can be re-organised to Saturday 16 May – same venue, same timings – but obviously the advice is changing on a daily basis – so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on 07823 445112 or email

Everything is connected is a joint conference brought to you by CAFOD, Caritas & JPIC to explore Pope Francis’ new vision in our parishes.

Pope Francis encourages us to see, think and act in a new way in response to both the human and ecological crises we are facing today.

How can we live out this new vision in our parishes, both locally and globally?

Join us in exploring, along with different voices, practical suggestions of bringing alive a faith that does justice and cares for creation.

Saturday 21 March from 10 am – 4 pm.

St David’s Catholic College, Ty Gwyn Road, Penylan, Cardiff CF23 5QD  (use CF23 5JB for satnav)

Coffee from 10.00 am, light lunch provided, donations welcome.

Please encourage others to attend with you.

Register your interest on Eventbrite.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Fair Trade Wales event – Monday 2 March 2020

Join Fair Trade Wales for an evening filled with inspiring stories that will shine a light on both ‘invisible’ women and inspiring women leaders.

Monday, 2 March, 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Portland House, 113 – 116 Bute Street, Cardiff CF10 5EQ

Tickets are free and link is here:

You’ll hear stories from individuals who fight inequality and against the odds, are entrepreneurs and leaders in their local communities.

Speakers include Jenipher Wettaka Sambazi from the Gumutindo Coffee Co-operative in Uganda, Kathryn Llewellyn, CEO of United Purpose, Chisomo Phiri, women’s rights activist and Katie Colvin, Head of Marketing and Communications at Cru Kafe.

We’ll be showing an animation to bring the stories of women cocoa farmers to life to show that through Fairtrade, there is an alternative.

Fairtrade refreshments and snacks provided.

Fairtrade’s She Deserves campaign which is running again this Fairtrade Fortnight (24 February-8 March 2020) highlights research on ‘invisible women’ in the cocoa sector in West Africa, where 60% of the world’s cocoa is grown, when we revealed the average farmer lives on a little as 74p a day.

In Côte d’Ivoire, despite carrying out 68% of the labour and being responsible for children and the home, women have fewer rights than men and earn even less. In coffee, there is a similar story, with around 125 million people worldwide dependent on it for their livelihoods, Jenipher is one of them. It is the most valuable and widely traded tropical agricultural product and is mainly produced by smallholder farmers. Many of them however are unable to earn a reliable living from the coffee they produce. It isn’t enough to support the most basic needs such as fresh water and food, education and healthcare.

This Fairtrade Fortnight, campaigners are sharing stories far and wide so we are all better equipped to make choices that can change farmers’ stories for the better.

For #SheDeserves we’ll be continuing to focus on the special role women farmers play in the journey to living incomes, and sharing new stories and tools to get more people choosing Fairtrade.

Find out more about why CAFOD supports Fairtrade.

And Fairtrade resources for primary schools and an example of a lesson plan for secondary school (KS4 + post 16).

All you need to know about becoming a Fairtrade parish.

Refresher training day for Schools Volunteers

Our first refresher training day for School volunteers is taking place on Thursday 30 January in the Mostyn Room, adjacent to St David’s Metropolitan Cathedral in Cardiff-.

This is a twice yearly opportunity for our team of school volunteers to come together to look at the new resources for Lent 2020 – both the assemblies and workshops that we offer to schools across the Archdiocese.

Our Education volunteer co-ordinator contacts schools each term to promote our school volunteers and invite them to take up our offer of an assembly or workshops.  We have an amazing range of resources for schools on offer.

The team does a wonderful job in raising awareness of our work.

We couldn’t make the same impact without the generous gift of their time, their enthusiasm and good humour.  Their commitment to CAFOD is inspiring!

This month we are getting ready for Lent 2020.  We’ll be focusing on the Amazon rainforest and the problems of deforestation and protecting human rights.   

We want to help pupils to understand how CAFOD is working with communities around the world to support people defending their rights. And for children to to see the relationship between taking action and supporting communities overseas.

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You are very welcome to join us on Thursday 19 September 2019 for our termly Education refresher training update which will be held in the Mostyn Room, adjacent to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint David in Cardiff (right next door to M & S).

If you think would like to join our team of volunteers working in the Archdiocese of Cardiff, then get in touch

We’d love to have a chat and invite you in to the volunteer centre in the heart of Cardiff to tell you all about what’s involved.  It’s as little or as much as you want to commit.

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