Praying for peace in Colombia

As the year begins, our partner, The Catholic Bishops of Colombia pray for peace following the recent wave of killings of community leaders.

Episcopal Conference of Colombia Statement:

As the year commences, The Catholic Bishops of Colombia join in the Universal Church’s prayer convened by Pope Francis for reconciliation and peace for the people. He reminds us that this path must be marked by trust and the hope of achieving the intentions of unity that we have put forward as a nation: The peace process is an ongoing commitment over time. It is a patient labour that seeks truth and justice which honours the memory of the victims and opens, step by step a common hope, stronger than revenge (Message for the World Day of Prayer for Peace. January 1, 2020).

We value the efforts of the many social leaders who contribute to the construction of a society in which human dignity and rights are respected and justice is realised. The State relies on the efforts of those who dedicate themselves to serving their communities, that make possible and encourage the processes which are indispensable in the life of the nation. It is up to all of society to acknowledge and exalt those who carry out this mission with no incentive other than the common good. We urge that we do not fall into indifference and ignorance regarding the tragic situations which threaten our democracy.

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Getting Hands On for Colombia

Parish fundraiser invites overseas speaker to parish soup lunch at 12:00 pm, to tell us how we can get Hands On in Colombia.

We welcome Barbara Davies-Quy, our Country Representative for Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. She will be giving a talk in Porthcawl, at the parish of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, on Saturday 16 February, at 1:00 pm. Continue reading

Hands on for Peace in Colombia

We are delighted to have Barbara Davies, our colleague in CAFOD who works as country representative for Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, will be giving a presentation on the peace process in Colombia at The Temple of Peace in Cardiff on Wednesday 24 October at 12 noon.

Barbara has been working on peace and development issues for over a decade across South America. Originally from Penarth, one of the first campaigns she worked on was to create a solidarity and awareness raising link between Wales and Colombia, highlighting the civil war that was taking place there and the amount of people displaced by the conflict.

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Speaking up for CAFOD and 12,000 feet up in the Andes

Bernadette, Sue (Mumbles) Paul &  Stella (Pontyberem) and Sandra (Neath) with a Lampedusa Cross at the Swansea briefing (Mary from St David's is missing from the photo)

Two parishes in Menevia – St David’s Priory Church in Swansea and Our Lady, Queen of Peace in Llanelli hosted Fast Day briefings for some of our dedicated volunteers earlier this month.

This year the country of focus for Harvest is Bolivia.

It’s a landlocked country in central South America and one third of the country is the Andean mountain range.

It’s the poorest country in South America.

The Altiplano is a vast, inhospitable plain almost 4,000 metres above sea level.

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Swansea School raises nearly £900 to help CAFOD Kenyan Project

bishop vaughn

Pupils completing a presentation on their work

Bishop Vaughan Catholic School, Swansea, have spent a year fundraising nearly £900 for a CAFOD project in Eastern Kenya. Nationally, the project has raised over £200,000 to transform over 1,440 lives by restoring the reservoir to bring water back to Kitui. Continue reading

Get Hands On to support Kitui

Hands On

Get Hands On and do something amazing!

The people of Kitui, Kenya have a plan to transform their lives and their community by restoring their life-bringing dam.

Donate to CAFOD and help support the community of Kitui to restore their water supply and tranform their arid fields into crop producing fields. It will be a big job and will involve building a network of smaller dams, miles of terracing and planting new trees. The community of Kitui need our support.

To donate or for more information please see