Creative ideas for Lent at St Francis Xavier’s

On Monday 13 March one of our schools volunteers, Therese Warwick, visited St Francis Xavier’s RC Primary School in Hereford to share the message of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ at assembly.

Watch the animation here.

This was followed up with a workshop with Year 4 and their class teacher, Mrs George who is also the school’s eco-co-ordinator.

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Bridgend pupils fundraising extravaganza raises over £1,700 for CAFOD

Year 8 pupils took part in a fun run for CAFOD

Year 8 pupils took part in a fun run for CAFOD

During the last week of the spring term, pupils at Archbishop McGrath Catholic High School, Bridgend, joined together to organise a host of  Lent events; not only did they have a lot of fun, they raised lots of funds for the Lent appeal. 

Lent Fast Day is one of CAFOD’s most important annual fundraising campaigns

Throughout the week, many events took place including a bush tucker trial, a sponsored run, bake sales, a movie screening and fishing game. The total for the week is well over £1,700, with the winning form class raising over £450.

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Menevia schools get Fishy for Lent


St Mary’s Primary School, Pembroke Dock on Valentine’s Day

It’s been a busy time for our Schools volunteers team as they have been out and about visiting schools across the Archdiocese.

In Menevia, on Valentine’s Day St Mary’s Primary School in Pembroke Dock welcomed us into school to learn all about how a fish farming project in Zambia is transforming lives – the children loved the video of Bob, the fish that’s he size of your thumb!p1150290

We also talked about Green Hearts for Valentine’s Day.  We were making and sharing a green heart to show our love for our world and how much we need to take care of it to reduce the impact of climate change. #ShowTheLove

The whole school assembly was followed up by a Lampedusa Cross pilgrimage with Years 4, 5 and 6.

Many of our neighbours around the world struggle to make ends meet.  They don’t even have enough money to buy the basics in life that we take for granted – like food, a home and clothes.


Laudato Si’ workshop with St Teilo’s Primary School


On Monday 27 February, just before Lent started, St Teilo’s Primary school in Tenby learned how we can help to change this by joining with other schools across England and Wales to Turn little fish into Big fish in the whole school assembly.

Morning assembly was followed by a workshop for Year 5  and 6 exploring Laudato Si’  The Pope’s encyclical discusses the damage being inflicted on the Earth by humans and calls on ‘every person living on this planet’ to make urgent changes to our lifestyles and how we consume energy in order to protect the planet.

Take a look at our Laudato Si’ animation.

The day after Lent began, we travelled to St Joseph’s Junior School in Port Talbot to share the story of Florence’s transformation through fish farming with the help of CAFOD’s partners in Zambia.


St Joseph’s Junior School, Port Talbot

After break Year 5 and Year 6 also followed the Lampedusa Cross pilgrimage action – and wrote some beautiful and poignant messages of hope for refugees.

The following day we were delighted to meet pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Neath.  One of our newest school volunteers, Jane, delivered the Lent Fast Day assembly and was delighted with interest in CAFOD at the school.  She was particularly delighted to learn that St Joseph’s is an “eco friendly” school which strives to recycle as much waste as possible and encourages healthy snacks for children such as fruit, which is not packaged which helping us all to care for our common home.

schoolchildrenWe are always on the look out for more people to join our growing team of Education volunteers in Menevia.

Does this appeal to you?

Please get in touch if you would like some further details.

We all feel that it is such a rewarding role and a real privilege to work with the young people and dedicated staff in our Catholic schools in the diocese.


Meet Sister Yvonne

sryvCome and meet our overseas partner who is living out Pope Francis’ call to hear the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. Sr Yvonne, who works in Zambia, will be sharing the inspiring story of her work on livelihoods and how she is supporting some of the most vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change. Continue reading

Elouise celebrates completing the Cardiff Half Marathon

cardiff half


On Easter Saturday, our media officer Elouise Hobbs, 21, completed the Cardiff World Half Marathon and raised over £150 for the Lent Appeal. We caught up with her to ask her about the race.

“When I crossed the finish line, I was so happy. I finished in my target time, 2:10:04 and was so proud that I had carried on even though there were moments when I felt like giving up. Before the race, I got to see Mo Farah going to warm up and that made me really excited for the race. People had travelled from all over the world to run in Cardiff!

“When the race started, everyone was really enthusiastic and then it started raining. Running across the barrage was really tough, we were caught in a hailstorm and there was no protection from the elements. The supporters along the race were fantastic, they really helped the runners to keep going and were really motivating, giving out high fives and sweets!

“The race was the hardest physical challenge I have ever done in my life, but I am so proud that I completed it and managed to raise money for the Lent Appeal. Continue reading

Cardiff pupils remember people living in poverty at Easter


Pupils from Christ the King showing off their decorated bottles.

 Schools throughout the Dioceses have been doing lots of different things to raise money for the CAFOD Lent appeal. Shortly before Easter, pupils from Christ the King Catholic Primary School, Llanishen have been fundraising by collecting change in hand decorated bottles to raise funds for CAFOD’s Lent appeal.

The pupils at at Christ the King were encouraged to decorate a water bottle and fill it with change throughout Lent to raise money for the Lent appeal. Throughout Lent, the pupils have collected money by giving up something, like sweets, for lent or doing something positive, like tidying their rooms.

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Hereford School ’Make’s a Splash’ with their Spring Concert

Members of the School Orchestra

Members of the School Orchestra

St Mary’s R.C. High School in Lugwardine, Hereford, have supported CAFOD for many years. On 22 March, I was lucky enough to be invited to their annual Spring Concert which showcased the school’s artistic talent and raised funds for the Lent Appeal.

When I arrived at the school, it was already buzzing with excitement; in the background I could hear instruments being tuned and see cakes being hastily rushed from the oven. St Mary’s High School has been raising funds for CAFOD in many ways over the years; to date they have raised over £22,000. I was at the school for their annual Spring Concert but before it started, I got to speak to Mr Shannon, the Deputy headteacher:

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International Women’s Day: Celebrate, Reflect, Act


Money raised for CAFOD's Lent appeal can help girls like Proscovia have access to clean water and go to school (David Mutua,

Proscovia in Uganda who now dreams of becoming an engineer. 

Last Sunday marked Mother’s day; today marks International Women’s Day. Both are time for celebration and reflection. I talked to Kieran O’Brien CAFOD representative in South Wales, to ask him about how the Lent appeal is going to change women’s lives all over the world.


Since 1911, International Women’s Day has become a worldwide celebration where we are called to reflect on progress made, celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women but also, call for further change. Continue reading