Hands on for Peace in Colombia

We are delighted to have Barbara Davies, our colleague in CAFOD who works as country representative for Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, will be giving a presentation on the peace process in Colombia at The Temple of Peace in Cardiff on Wednesday 24 October at 12 noon.

Barbara has been working on peace and development issues for over a decade across South America. Originally from Penarth, one of the first campaigns she worked on was to create a solidarity and awareness raising link between Wales and Colombia, highlighting the civil war that was taking place there and the amount of people displaced by the conflict.

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CAFOD stand in solidarity with Syria

SONY DSCTo mark three years since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, CAFOD supporters joined a candle-lit vigil held at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff to shine a light of hope to the people of Syria.

Supporters from Christ the King, St Paul’s and St Brigid’s Churches in Cardiff bought a peace candle to the event, which has been touring around the three churches to promote World Peace Day. Inspired by Pope Francis’ theme of “Living as one family is the foundation and the pathway to peace”, the peace candle offers the opportunity for parishioners to take home and pray for peace with family and friends. Continue reading