Living simply with Bees

The liveSimply group tin Ross and Monmouth were delighted to welcome renowned UN consultant, Nicola Bradbear, to the Priory in Monmouth on 4 May.

Nicola founded Bees for Development which works to assist beekeepers in developing countries.

Beekeeping can help families move beyond subsistence farming and their crops can improve thanks to increased bee pollination.

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World Gifts and compassion at St David’s School


On Thursday before the season of Advent began, Mrs Angela Heald, acting Headteacher at St David’s Primary School in West Cross in Swansea invited CAFOD South Wales to talk to the pupils about World Gifts.

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7 year old Robert sells toys to raise over £100 for CAFOD!

Image_St Josephs_RobertRobert, from St Joseph’s Primary School in Penarth, raised a whopping £114 for CAFOD by selling his own toys and books online.

7 year old Robert was inspired to raise money after a CAFOD volunteer came to his primary school to tell the students about the work they do to help people in need overseas. As soon as he got home Robert went through his playroom and gathered up his toys and books. He decided to sell them through Facebook and give all the money to charity. Continue reading